Capturing New Revenue - The CC Media Network Way

Every unscripted series has the potential to generate substantial revenue online with CC Media Network's proven system. Incorporating CC Media Network into the production and marketing system, there is a tremendous opportunity for engaging viewers and developing revenue from accessibility to "live interactions" with show talent (on-line).

The CC Media Network system provides and integrates all online chat technologies for dealing with high volume traffic, e-commerce (revenue collection), customer service, bandwidth and all maintenance needs.

Engage The Viewer - Capture Revenue

With proper show promotion, the audience traffic to the Live Chat feature could be substantial. Any show with strong distribution and time slot could generate millions in additional revenue. It is CC Media Networks goal to assure that the online feature works flawlessly.

Live Chat Player
Pay Per Minute Revenue Capture

  • The Apartment Live Chat
  • Cast members and Cast Schedule

THE LIVE CHAT BUSINESS PROCESS - Seamless Interoperabilities

CC Media Network is one of the most experienced new media companies on the web today. We manage 1000s of hours of LIVE CHAT systems monthly world wide with seamless interoperabilities. We manage the entire business process for our media partners.

  • 1. TV Viewer Reristers online 2. Age verified with CC 3. Receives User Name & Password
  • 4. Viewer Enters Chat Session 5. Selects Online Cast Member 6. Gateway Ad Pays
  • 7. Directed to Cast Member Live Chat 8. Billing Begins 9. Report Generated

Live Demonstration:

If you are interested in receiving a live demonstration of our "LIVE CHAT" system, please contact Brian Wade Bickford at or call 305.728.5154 to arrange a time.

By entering this site with your given password, you agree to our confidentiality statement and understand that this demonstration is proprietary and is for the consideration of business alliances between CC Media Network and your company.

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