Live Video Chat Integration for Television Production

CC Media Network is the 1st innovator to deliver new revenue with new media using its proprietary web based "live chat" technology and full service new media integration system. Television production companies are turning to CC Media Network to capture previously untapped revenue.

Previously, production companies relied on local and national advertising inventory as the primary revenue generator. Today, with CC Media Network's new revenue innovation, television production companies can take advantage of new web based technologies and user competencies to develop new revenue drivers.

CC Media Network Delivers Revenue

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  • CC Media Network's New Media Revenue Capture

CC Media Network's core competencies include delivering technologies that integrate web based LIVE VIDEO CHAT into the revenue capture. CC Media Network has the capability to capture substantial revenue with its web based "live chat" platform. Since 1999, we have developed and enhanced the technology that provides the user and technical scale for delivering multiple "one-to-many" simultaneous feeds, while managing bandwidth costs.

Reality TV Programming - The New Untapped Opportunity

CC Media Network has the capability to capture substantial revenue with our web based "live chat" platform.

The primary production objective with unscripted and reality-based programming is to create compelling dilemmas, conflict and solutions to hook viewers. As a result, reality-based characters are created and new celebrities are born. Equally important are "viewers commitment" to the series: episode to episode, loyalties are developed and viewer's interest are hooked.

Studios are now employing interactive efforts to keep viewers engaged. Cell phone SMS and online voting are involving the audience, as well as delivering substantial revenues (over lapped with mobile sponsorships and pay per vote fees).

TV BUS - Capturing New Revenue

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