CC Media Network Ltd is a leader in developing and managing live video chat platforms and pay-as-you-go billing technologies in the entertainment sector.

Since 1999

Based in Gibraltar, we’ve been a pioneer in the industry since 1999. We’ve built relationships with hundreds of thousands of users and content partners and we manage millions of minutes of live video chat every year.

Our network of users accessing our platforms are truly global, and we provide them with the best customer service in the industry.

  • No app or download needed

    Our proprietary live video chat platforms work with two-way video across all browsers, bandwidths, and firewalls without needing to download an app or any other software.

  • Highly accessible and scalable.

    Our technology is entirely cloud-based and it’s highly scalable.

  • Fully optimized and responsive products

    Our platforms are fully optimized for all devices and all operating systems, whether desktop-based or mobile.

CC Media Network stays true to its motto… ANY PLACE, ANY TIME, ON ANY DEVICE.

Any place, any time, on any device

We’ve been innovators in live video chat since the beginning:

  • In the vanguard of proprietary live video streaming technology
  • The first to introduce interactive video entertainment on mobile devices
  • The first to develop software allowing video streaming from mobile devices
  • The first to introduce truly optimized apps across iOS and Android devices
  • The first to launch live video delivery from Android devices with full two-way high-definition video, audio and text-chat capability

Company news

Statistics Reveal the Evolution of Where People Work

Statistics Reveal the Evolution of Where People Work

Where people use video conferencing is changing. It allows employees to work from wherever they are, meaning their work, success and happiness is no longer limited to the office or the conference room.

A Strong Correlation between Video Conferencing and Increased Bottom-Line ROI

A Strong Correlation between Video Conferencing and Increased Bottom-Line ROI

Over the years, the growth of video conferencing has been driven by the desire to control travel costs, a need to reduce response times, mergers and acquisitions, changes in workforce culture and the need for a more modern mode of communication and collaboration.

Top 70 Video Conferencing Statistics

Top 70 Video Conferencing Statistics

Audio-only conference calls are being replaced en masse by more engaging and true-to-life video conferencing solutions. Numerous published articles equate video communication with increased productivity, better connected distributed teams, reduced travel expenses and a simpler way to meet, and this post brings those data points together for an easier way to see the impact of video conferencing through survey results and real-world usage.


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